How and why Inga became an Artist


I remember an almost overwhelming feeling of keen interest to everything surrounding me, when I was a little child. I had so much fun enjoying a perfect sense of freedom when creating anything I wished in my mind and on paper. I was imagining places and events, designing and engineering objects and structures, developing games, and planning experiments. My soul was filled with in an astounding love to this life and I was daydreaming of a multiplicity of things in the immediate and a far future. From a very early age on I had a conscious feeling of gratitude for being alive and for the marvelous chance to experience it all here and now. Life manifestations in the smallest detail were transmitting a tremendous power of creational force.

Every morning I was waking up with the excitement of a new beginning, feeling happy that in front of me was the whole day of delightful happenings, discoveries, and creations. My dreams and visions about the future as well as the perceived reality could be expressed in visual pictures. I began to draw. It was an immaculate way
to define myself at all times, sad or happy. I perceive drawing and painting as magical tools that make dreams visible, equipping the vividness of life with a much brightened aura.

Explicitly, I loved books. Fine art albums and instructional materials brought an especially consecrated vibration to my soul, filling me with new levels of knowledge, freedom, and a strong unstoppable desire to create. I love to share these happy feelings with my students and audience. I am admiring an individuality and eager to support ingenuity in every child and adult, helping the process of creative enhancement with my knowledge and experience.